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Grow more food with less water and zero emission

The world’s 500 million one-acre farmers, who produce 70% of what we eat, can now increase their harvests significantly without impacting the environment and at the same time help achieve UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

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Water saved
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Our patented solution brings you the worlds most energy-efficient drip irrigation water distribution food production

More food. Reduced costs

Optimized amount of water directly on the plant at the right time – provides a larger harvest. The system has low operating costs due to pure solar energy instead of diesel or electricity. The investment pays for itself in approximately 18 months.

Up to one acre

Our compact patented solar-powered system is so energy efficient that a small solar panel (150W) is enough to deliver 1500 liters of water per hour with high and stable pressure, making it perfect for small-scale farmers with up to one acre of land.

Portable and Robust

Lightweight, portable system (15 kg) that is easy to install and handle. It is durably built to withstand extra tough conditions such as daily movement, high temperatures, dirt, muddy water, and the pump can even run dry. Optimized for micro-irrigation

Spowdi Mobile Pro

Saves up to 80% water

The powerful Spowdi Mobile Pro system combined with drip irrigation can, by applying the water directly to the plant at the right time, save up to 80% of water compared with traditional irrigation.

Zero emissions

We have created and patented the world's most energy-efficient water pump! Since it only uses the sun as its power source, it makes any fossil fuel-driven solution obsolete. Emission-free during usage.

Save Time

Using our system for drip irrigation instead of traditional manual labor saves a significant amount of time for the farmers and their families, giving them the possibility to engage in other life-enriching activities, including education.

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