Spowdi Mobile Pro


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Product information

Spowdi Mobile Pro is a multipurpose solar-powered water distribution system. It is robust, flexible and micro irrigation prepared.

System components
1 x Power Management Box (PMB)
1 x Pump unit
1 x 150-watt foldable solar panel
1 x Pressure vessel with T-connector
1 x Extra membrane
1 x Spowdi tool

Installation kit
1 x 25 mm tube
1 x 16 mm tube
1 x 8 mm hose
1 x 25 mm straight connector
1 x 16 mm straight connector
1 x 8 mm straight connector

Installation details
See more details in the user manual.

24 months providing the service schedule is followed.

Additional information

Technical specifications

Power source: Solar Panel 100–150 watt
Solar power: >750 watt/m
Hours of operation/day: 8–10 hours

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