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Spowdi Mobile Pro

Spowdi Mobile Pro is a multi-purpose solar-powered water distribution system. It is a robust and flexible system mainly used for micro-irrigation by small-scale food producers. The system helps optimize production by boosting yields and shortening grow-cycles and at the same time reduces emissions and optimizes water usage.

The Spowdi Mobile Pro is designed to irrigate up to one acre of row-crops, orchard trees, vines, vegetables, or flowers. Combining two or more systems, however, means you could cover a bigger area. We will help you set up an irrigation solution, adding pipes and connectors, to suit your specific needs.

The Spowdi Mobile Pro is built on three main components

  • Solar Panel
    The Spowdi solar panel is optimized for the system: being as small and robust as possible and thereby safe and easy to transport. You connect the solar- panel to the back of the PMB.
  • Pump unit
    The pneumatic pump pressurizes water together with the pressurized air, one stroke at the time and about 160 times per minute. It has a durable design and is made to work long hours and in tough environments.
  • Power Management Box (PMB)
    The PMB is the heart of the system. Power is delivered from the solar panel to the box where pressurized air is produced and delivered to the pump unit. All you need to do when the system is connected is press start.

Solar powered

Spowdi Mobile Pro uses very little energy to produce the pneumatic pressure needed to pump water. The unit is mobile (total weight: 15kg) and can easily be carried by one person. If the users need to connect the system to the grid, they can use a Spowdi adapter. The Spowdi pump consumes less energy than a diesel pump of equivalent capacity. If the farmer needs a backup power source off the grid, the system will run for two days on a regular 12V car battery. The 12V system is powered with a maximum 90W and can deliver up to 25m3 of water, with 10 hours of sunshine, more if connected to a back-up battery.

Spowdi Mobile Pro is compatible with a wide range of micro-irrigation solutions. Read more about how the system can be used and find best practice solutions for Spowdi Smart Farming.

Micro-irrigation solution

Spowdi Mobile Pro irrigates up to 10 times more crops than one person working with traditional manual irrigation methods. The advantage is being the only mobile solar-powered water distribution system that can build sufficient water pressure to be used for continuous micro-irrigation day after day. Spowdi’s patented technology reduces both the size of the pump motor and the solar panel, which in turn makes it possible to produce a more cost-effective system for solar-powered water distribution. The system can easily be transported and assembled by one person. Spowdi technology supports the global effort to reduce CO2 emissions, use water for irrigation more effectively, increase yields, and reduce the erosion problems caused by flood irrigation.

In addition to leveling the playing field in terms of costs, the Spowdi solution also reduces emissions and optimizes water usage. By irrigating only the root zone of plants, and not spraying or flood irrigating, less evaporation occurs and water consumption is reduced. Fertilizers can also be used much more efficiently with the system as they can be fed directly to the plant. Read our ambassadors’ stories on how they have introduced the Spowdi system and gained higher yields with Spowdi Mobile Pro.

Installation of Spowdi Mobile Pro in process, at Ulriksdals Värdshus. Learn about the love for resilient food production and meet the farmers
Drip-irrigation. Meet Ellisive, a small hold farmer in Uppsala, Sweden

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